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L. Malik Anderson speaking about the intersection of blackness and queerness as a queer black/ person of color for Dear World.

L. Malik Anderson is a journalist, social media specialist, and content creator. He received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communications (Reporting), Communication Arts (Radio-TV-Film) and a Certificate in Digital Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. L. Malik’s interest includes television, music, cinema, theatre, technology, and social justice. His journalism experience includes writing for hyper-local, local and national audiences.

In Summer 2014, L. Malik began his multi-summer internship with Wisconsin Public Radio as the Emma L. Bowen Foundation Scholar working in various departments such as audio engineering, web content, development and The Ideas Network, most notably The Larry Meiller Show. Currently, he publishes a profile series titled “Melanated Moguls” alongside other personal reflections and television reviews on lmalikanderson.com.

L. Malik’s artistic work focuses on intersecting identities such as Blackness, Queerness while incorporating topics like mental health, masculinity, the African diaspora and other socio-political issues relevant to contemporary society. His work uses journalism, poetry, prose, mixed and digital media to reclaim his cultural identity and queerness while empowering himself. L. Malik’s words can be found in Madison Commons, WPR.org, The Madison Times, Madison365, Blavity and on other platforms.

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