WNYC’s ‘2 Dope Queens’ is a hit!

Recently, I began my internship at Wisconsin Public Radio for the summer. Then, this summer it occurred to me that I rarely listen to public radio until I found 2 Dope Queens hosted by two black women. The stand-up comedy series features The Daily Show’s senior correspondent Jessica Williams and comedian Phoebe Robinson. The WNYC Podcast features a diverse array of comedians who are friends to the hosts.

I often don’t hear stand-up comedy on public radio, but Williams and Robinson somehow have made it work. Before I was just a fan of Jessica Williams, you know from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Back when she did stories about policies about how black women can wear their hair in the military. 2 Dope Queens is much more of that, but the chemistry between Jessica and Phoebe works. Their banter feels like an uncensored explosion in my ear with no warning what-so-ever!

For example, I binged 10 podcasts in one day because I needed way more stand-up comedy in my life, especially from those I see myself in. Of course, I’d love to hear from young black and brown comedians who do stand-up about race, gender and sex. They talk about class, religion, and sexuality also, but I thought that was all included in the sex jokes. Anyway, I can relate. I can appreciate when we poke fun at ourselves and systems of oppression in society without feeling uncomfortable about the programming.

If public radio is more like this, I can get with this. Down with respectability politics. Down with patriarchy and white supremacy. If you haven’t checked out 2 Dope Queens, you should definitely check it out on wnyc.org or download the podcast on iTunes. Let’s laugh!

Props to Jessica and Phoebe, y’all do y’all boos!

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