Keke Palmer Introduces ‘Lauren’ in the Visual EP

Keke Palmer unveils herself as in her new visual EP Lauren, premiering exclusively with Billboard today.

“Of course, I’m not my characters and so for my EP, I felt like because this is them getting to see it through the true me, where I’m coming from and how I’m feeling, I feel like it was perfect to title it my birth name Lauren,” the 23-year-old actress and singer said in an interview with Billboard.

Palmer collaborated with producer/songwriter Sean Garrett as well as rappers Lil Yachty and Dreezy. She is exposing a new side of her artistry with this project.

“Don’t nobody get respect without earning and that’s what it’s about for me,” the artist said.

Titled after her birth, name Lauren Keyana, Palmer gives us everything from vulnerability, intimacy, and a tainted romance like you have never heard it before. Of course, we know Keke from TV… but do we really know Keke?

“Everybody ain’t got to like me. I like me,” she said.

Check-out the Visual EP below: