Student Organizations Observe Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April


UW student organizations will kick off Sexual Assault Awareness month tonight with a panel to discuss solutions.

At 6:30 p.m., The Badger Herald and Pave will facilitate the “Ending Sexual Assault” Panel in Union South to address an issue of gender and sexual based violence on campus. The panel will feature experts in law, student leaders from various organizations, and staff who work directly with students of color and/or students who experience violence. Some of these staff members will include the Associate Director of the Multicultural Student Center and The Men’s Project leader Robert Brown as well as UHS Violence Prevention and Victim Advocacy manager Carmen Hotvedt.

Junior and Sellery Hall House Fellow Pf’Anique Hill names a few places students experiencing sexual assault or gender based violence can seek help from:

“I know that there’s Evoc, which I know is a really great resource. I know that there’s like the counseling services that they have on campus at UHS. I know that there’s like the rape crisis center line which can always be utilized.” (8:34)

Tonight, the objective of the panel will be to brainstorm tactics for disrupting rape culture on campus, however, those services mentioned by Hill are always available to students seeking support.