Six Ways to Watch Premium Content Without a TV Provider

Check Out Six Alternatives for Cord Cutters Who Want Access to Premium Television Channels

While streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon offers a plethora of options for entertainment, sometimes you still want to sit back and watch Game of Thrones with their friends. The problem hanging out with other millennials is that it is highly unlikely that someone has a paid TV subscription with a package including premium television channels, and no one ever wants to give up their parent’s HBO Go password. Luckily, these networks are meeting us where we are. Here are six alternatives for people who just happen to not have cable or a paid television subscription get content from HBO, Showtime, Starz and Cinemax:


  1. Hulu
    • In addition to offering content with limited or no commercials, the online streaming service also offers consumers an option to add on subscriptions to HBO, Showtime and Cinemax for $14.99 or less.
  2. Amazon Channels + Amazon FireTV
    • Similar to Hulu, while you must already be an Amazon Prime member for the premium channel add-on’s, the service comes with a few perks including two-day shipping. Amazon Prime allows members to purchase additional subscriptions to HBO, Showtime, Stars, and Cinemax.
  3. YouTube TV
    • YouTube TV is here. The newest innovation of YouTube allows subscribers to live stream television from ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and popular cable networks for $35/mo. This also includes a cloud DVR with no storage limit and allows you to add on Fox Soccer Plus for $15/mo and Showtime for $11/mo.
  4. HBO Now
    • The new standalone service offers access to new movies each week, talk shows, documentaries, original shows and more. The service is compatible with your phone, tablet, computer and TV. Right now, HBO is offering the first month free but the subscription is $14.99/mo.
  5. Ordering Showtime
    • Showtime allows you to get Showtime however you would like to watch Showtime whether through Android, Apple, PlayStation Vue, Roku, Sling, Smart TVs, Xbox One and more. The premium television network offers standalone subscriptions for less the $12 through each of these devices and/or services.
  6. The Starz App
    • Many television viewers tune into Stars to watch Power but the premium television channel has just launched the Starz application allowing consumers access to all their content including movies and television shows for $8.99/mo.

If none of these work, however, you could always just cave in and get a premium cable subscription but you’re probably already deep into the streaming subscription game already.